203 Dundas St., London @SeeMeLondon
Am I Not a Wolf by Sean Couchie

May 11-23 2015 @ The Arts Project

Featuring the Artwork of

Sean Couchie

Art Installation of the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls.

May 11 - 23 2015 @ The Arts Project

Will you finally see me if I am no longer just a statistic?

Across Canada, thousands of Indigenous Women and Girls have been murdered or simply disappeared. But through memories, there is comfort.

To give them life again, the art experience of ‘See Me’, will bring awareness to their complex stories. Through the artistry of Sean Couchie, and indigenous groups across London, the spirit of these women and girls will be brought to life. Experience ‘See Me’.

Media Coverage:

» CTV London: Arts Project Exhibit on Missing Women

» 106.9 The X: The Arts Project: 'See Me' & 'Callow' Installations

The Art of Sean Couchie

Pure First Nation Spirit




For more info contact Mandi Fields
Mandi.fields@bellmedia.ca or 519-521-4988

Funding Sponsors

Smart and Caring Community Fund,
the London Community Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund

Ashley Grace Powell Memorial Fund

Bruce Rankin

See Me Committee:


Liz Akiwenskie
Tamara Bernard
Sean Couchie
Tania DeJonge
Sarah Jane Emms
Mandi Fields
Adam Giroux
Robert Nonomura
Stephanie Soloranzo
Karen Abell
Destiny Allen
Nneka Allen
Julie Atchison
Jackie Couchie
Olivia Couchie
Alexandra Couchie
Lee Doyle
Sarah Jane Emms
Erin Fox
Lisa Giroux
Kimberly Haycock
Ken Harding

Shannon Henry
Alyssa Jarvis
Kathy Kechego
Chuck Lazenby
Cheryl Legate
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Michelle Lourenco
Laura O’Connor
Tara Overholt
Bruce Rankin
Julie Ritchie
Jan Saddy
Marcy Saddy
Nick Scott
Laurence Simner
Nancy Tilk
Julie Timewell
Ava Wombwell
Jett Wombwell
Dennis Whiteye

Special thanks to:

To the staff and students of Indigenous Services at Western University
To the staff, men and women at Atlohsa Native Family Healing Services